A story of freshness



Our sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy drive excellence, resilience, and integrity. We hold ourselves accountable for being a driving force of equitable and ethical practices. Our research has identified environmental, governmental, and socio-economic factors that establish positive health outcomes to revitalize community engagement. Our GRI report will be released in 2021. 


environmental stewardship



• Community health is easy to see. Drive through a
neighborhood and look for a grocery store with 
organic options at obtainable prices. An upscale organic market wouldn't match that description, but your farmers market may. There is a need for sustainable gardens or local farms in underserved, food-insecure neighbors across America.


Access to fresh organic food is a huge part of health; in fact, where you live, the air that you breathe, and the quality of water also have an impact on your long-term health. Health equity becomes thinking of all of the components of everyone living a healthy life. We
are taking transformative approaches to address the
intersectoral issues of broader social determinants of
health to improve human conditions.

• Environmental stewardship is an often-overlooked
strategy and the full potential of civic engagement by
communities on behalf of health of the ecosystem is
little understood. Humanity’s livelihood, food security,
shelter, water, air, and quality of life are dependent on
physical environmental factors. There are direct and
indirect linkages between business activities and environmental changes that impact human health and well-being.


Our environmental conservation program, “Receive, Reuse, Redeem’ addresses terrestrial, marine, renewable energy, carbon footprint, pollution  and aerial environments in both rural and urban environments. Through our resilient pathways, we strive to address social, environmental, and economic threats comprehensively. We are cultivating health and well-being through stewardship actions by becoming an anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and environmental justice.

Sustainability Diagram


• Economic development is interwoven with access to
quality health care, not just healthcare, but access to
procedures, technology, or physicians that are so elite

they can solely require commercial insurance or self-
pay for services offered. That is the synergy between

economics and health for those who are wealthy.

We give communities access to quality
health care services to elevate health conditions
which improve quality of life. Health is the core of

human development. Our actions are providing socio-
economic opportunities that support an individual's

overall well-being to be expanded in unimaginable


• Nutrition plays a significant role in life. Every day, several times a day, you decide what to eat or drink. That sole decision can have an impact on your health. Just like nutrition adds value, it can extend that value in chronic disease prevention. Food choices can cause obesity, chronic diseases, and malnutrition. Many of these conditions become lifelong ailments, with reoccurring healthcare expenses. That is why we educate our community on unlocking the power of nutrition to improve the quality of life.


Providing stakeholders with nutritious, high-quality,
and ethically sourced products are key in our corporate social responsibility strategy. We are building an environmentally friendly, sustainable food system that is affordable for the long-term benefits of our stakeholders. Achieving a future for better health is vital for our corporation, our employees, and the communities we serve.