When an individual is diagnosed with a chronic illness their world is immediately changed. Any chronic illness can lead to body failure and certain body failures cause loss of self and identity, which can cause suffering. How can we be social without the judgements to engage to keep our identity with a chronic illness? Illness brings the loss of identity and sense of self in addition to the loss of control. Individuals who find themselves diagnosed with chronic illness later in life may experience identity conflicts, stigmatization and loss of their prior social network. We are not the person we used to be before we got sick. When a person experiences body failure or lacks the ability to execute essential role identity performances it can be devastating to one’s conception of self and self-esteem. In these 30 sessions we will craft new performances that allow you to be your new self that will support our old self and identity.


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Consulting Seasonal Changes

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  • 30 Consultation Sessions

    • Boost self-esteem and self-autonomy 
    • Delivery of 7 products of choice and recommendations
    • Gain confidence in your new self 
    • Understanding relationship between medication, illness and identity