Herbal teas are another great way to detoxify and to gain great health toward improvement of your quality of life. We have chosen our absolute favorite teas for every occasion for every purpose. 



  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Boost Immune System
  • Detoxifies the Entire Body
  • Promote Tranquility and Reduce Stress
  • Uplifts Mood

Herbabox Herbal Healing

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Herbal Healing
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  • Berry Senses Tea

    Copper Love Tea

    Black Mago-Orange Shining

    Cerasee Tea


    Green Tea 

    Harvest Tea

    Mint Significant Chocolate

    On the Beach

    Peppermint Tea 

    Spearmint Tea 

    Zesty Lemon Spice 

    Ethically sourced product. Hand-crafted by Fresh Lemon Harvest. See Nutrition Facts for further details.